“Hard to Find” Writer Zhao Lin Once Made a Promise Never to Write Bad Endings

"Hard to Find" Writer Once Made a Promise Never to Write Bad Endings

Hard to Find” (难寻) is currently the top drama among the micro-drama niche. Throughout the show, there’s a looming sense that the fate of the star-crossed lovers, portrayed by Zhao Yiqin and Shen Yujie, may not end so well. After all, it had an angst-ridden plot, where Princess Feng Yuan’s mission to overthrow the Linchuan clan becomes entangled with her growing affection for its young master He Lian Xi, ultimately leading to tragedy and a quest for redemption. With the show’s finale stirring emotions among viewers, screenwriter Zhao Lin (赵林) expressed her readiness to face criticism. [Spoiler alert: The author reflects on the outcome without directly revealing plot details.]

Why the Ending?

In her social media post, Zhao Lin wrote, “Whether it’s anger or understanding, thank you all for expressing your feelings about our drama “Hard to Find” so sincerely. It’s because you care that you express yourselves to us…” She feels as though they’re the rebel child that has everyone worried and she’s thankful for the love.

Zhao Lin reveals she once set a flag to never write a BE, which stands for bad (sad) ending. Hard to Find is her first “BE” since she started writing scripts. She said it’s the first time in a fictional world they’ve constructed where they were powerless to change the result. She said, “I don’t know when it started, but the destinies of Feng Yuan and He Lian Xi are no longer within the stories we’ve crafted, they are just themselves, their destinies and thoughts are controlled by themselves. In that world, we couldn’t find a way to have it both ways.”

Hard to Find writer Zhao Lin speaks up

Writer’s Interpretation

The Hard to Find writer says what the characters found wasn’t a solution but a journey home. Throughout their lives, they’ve shouldered burdens, dedicating themselves to others, their clan, and their myriad responsibilities. The writer emphasizes, “They have never been selfish their whole lives, not even once.”

She said it’s through the characters themselves that they found clarity and relief after enduring countless unattainable situations, ultimately, fulfilling their own wishes. She adds that in such moments, death truly loses its fright. For the writer, these insights are the conclusions drawn from “Hard to Find”. Despite the ending not being perfect, she asserts, “In my heart, it’s complete; Fengyuan and Helian Xi are finally free.”

Addressing those who anticipated a happy ending or a miracle despite the foreboding signs of a tragic ending, she expressed her apologies: “I understand, yet I’m sorry it’s not something I could deliver.” Her wish is for the audience to journey through life’s challenges, living well and discovering themselves.

In a lighthearted tone, she pledges never to craft another sad ending, playfully urging forgiveness from viewers by indulging in the show. Incidentally, Zhao Yiqin is no stranger to dramas with tragic endings. Fans are now hoping he can have another onscreen pairing with co-star Shen Yujie, but with a sweet ending this time.


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