Gen1es: Jackson Wang Debuts ‘Chuang Asia Thailand’ Winners as New Girl Group Under His Company

Gen1es: Jackson Wang Debuts "Chuang Asia" Winners as New Girl Group Under His Company

The grand debut night of Chuang Asia Thailand took place on the eve of April 6, marking the fifth installment in the Chuang franchise—an idol survival series originally rooted in China. Over the course of 110 days, what began with 70 trainees hailing from various countries culminated in the emergence of nine winners (in the order of ranking) with Qiao Yi Yu securing the top spot with 80,796,328 votes. Ruan, Pailiu, Yean, Elyn, Wang Ke, Zeng Xueyao, Ouyang Didi, and Emma followed closely in the rankings.

Over on Chinese social media, the announcement of Qiao Yiyu taking center position in the new girl group Gen1es (pronounced Genies) made the hot search. Fans were also particularly excited about Wang Ke’s debut, who ranked sixth in the competition. Wang Ke’s idol journey had some hurdles with her previous experience as a member of the pre-debut girl group Howz, which disbanded in 2020. Additionally, she participated in the 2018 season of Produce 48, yet was eliminated.

Representing Japan is Ikema Ruan, while Pailiu, a Thai-Vietnamese talent from Thailand, joins the ranks. Notably, the lineup includes Thai member Yean and Malaysian talent Elyn, among others with unique backgrounds. With a three-year promotional commitment, Gen1es stands as the first global girl group under the helm of Jackson Wang’s company, RYCE Entertainment.

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