Ouyang Didi, Sister of Ouyang Nana, Reveals Her Family Was Hesitant About Her Joining “Chuang Asia Thailand”

Ouyang Didi, Sister of Ouyang Nana, Reveals Her Family Was Hesitant About Her Joining "Chuang Asia Thailand"

Ouyang Didi recently embarked on her idol journey as a contestant of Chuang Asia Thailand, the fifth season of what was originally Produce 101 China, which now takes place overseas. Didi is the daughter of veteran actors Ouyang Long and Fu Chuen, her upbringing undoubtedly immersed in the world of performing arts. She is the youngest of three sisters, the eldest 27-year-old Ouyang Nini and award-winning cellist-turned-actress Ouyang Nana who’s 23. Furthermore, she boasts a familial connection to Taiwanese music diva Ouyang Fei Fei, who serves as her aunt.

Before stepping onto the stage of Chuang Asia Thailand, Ouyang Didi encountered a lot of skepticism due to her being considered a nepo baby. Didi also reveals facing reluctance from her family over her decision to enter showbiz. The 19-year-old idol hopeful is doing very well on Chuang Asia Thailand, having just gone up from 8th to 4th in interim rankings. She said, “This is the first time in my life that I received everyone’s recognition for being myself and not because I’m someone’s daughter or someone’s younger sister.”

She also thanked her dad, mom and sisters while revealing that they were initially not supportive of her decision to join the show. She’s the youngest and they were afraid she’d get hurt. She added, “I don’t regret my decision, learned a lot of things, so here, I’d like to tell them, I’m doing well.” Didi said she feels like she’s ready to prove herself as fans are voting for her due to her performances onstage and not for other reasons. Meanwhile, her family has shown support amidst initial reservations. Ouyang Nana appeared on video to cheer for Didi as both her sister and best friend.

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