“Formed Police Unit” Secures Release Date Three Years After the Movie Was Filmed

Formed Police Unit
Formed Police Unit

After years of uncertainly, the May holidays are shaping up to be an action filled one for theatregoers now that it has been confirmed police film Formed Police Unit 维和防暴队 will be hitting theatres on May 1st. The film features Johnny Huang Jingyu, Wang Yibo, Elaine Zhong Chuxi who are all part of a small UN peacekeeping unit on a mission to a war torn country when they were suddenly ambushed.

Interestingly, all three stars of the film have military or police themed projects to their names. Johnny Huang in fact appears to be a regular in police slash military themes. Having starred in a couple such as My Dear Guardian, Ace Troops which also stars Elaine Zhong, The Thunder and Operation Red Sea, the 31-year-old has practically earned himself the moniker of “Chinese entertainment’s Special Forces soldier”. I reckon it’s safe to say he’s already a dab hand in the genre. In fact, some BTS photos from the set even showed him carefully demonstrating the correct stance when mounting and loading a sniper gun to his co-star Wang Yibo. Wang Yibo meanwhile has Born to Fly and Being a Hero under his belt whilst Elaine Zhong has appeared in a few.

Formed Police Unit may be hitting the big screens in 2024, but the film was actually shot a couple of years earlier from February 27, 2021 to May 6, 2021 before being put on hold. Prior to this, Zhang Zhehan who was fresh from the success of Word of Honor was part of the main trio as BTS photos reveal. However because of his scandal in August 2021, he was ultimately removed from the project.

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