First Impressions: Imperfect Us

First Impressions: Imperfect Us

The big draw of Imperfect Us lies in its star-studded cast, featuring familiar names like Ariel Lin, Tiffany Hsu, Mike He, and Kai Ko in a story crafted by THE Mag Hsu. And let me tell you, they don’t disappoint.

What a Cast

Imperfect Us feels like a massive reunion seeing these Taiwanese idol drama veterans back in action. Ariel Lin is practically representative of the genre from classics like It Started with a Kiss to In Time with You. The 41-year-old actress’s onscreen pairing with Mike He brings back memories of their 2004 TV series Love Contract. Sure, they “aged” Mike in Imperfect Us with his greying hair to show the shifting timelines between past and present, but his charm remains undeniable. And who could forget Tiffany Hsu Wei-ning? Once the “supporting actress” in idol dramas, she has completely transitioned into an award winning actress. And then there’s 32-year-old Kai Ko, the youngest among them. He rose to fame in 2011’s You Are the Apple of My Eye, saw his career come to a halt over drugs, but he’s back with a bang.

What It’s About So Far

It’s about two women around the age of 40. Ariel Lin’s character Qingfen plays out as someone seeking trouble, despite having achieved society’s expected milestones—school, marriage, and motherhood. Yet, her encounter with Rebecca, her husband Ruizhi’s ex, sparks curiosity about the path not taken. As the saying goes, curiosity killed the cat. It doesn’t present a very likeable heroine, but I find myself drawn deeper into the story.

Hsu Weining and Kai Ko

Hsu Wei-ning’s portrayal of Rebecca, a career-driven woman who’s single at age 39, is particularly striking. Rebecca’s backstory gradually unfolds, revealing the reasons behind her guarded demeanor, her relationship with her brother, and the romance she once let slip away. It’s also clear she holds a special place in Ruizhi’s heart. Rebecca finds herself entangled with three men in her life: her ex, whom she still misses; her new ex whom she was having an affair with; and Kai Ko as the charming younger guy. Personally, I’m invested in Rebecca’s journey and hope she navigates away from becoming the expected mistress in this tangled web of relationships.

What’s Good About It

Imperfect Us is a tale of ordinary people, much like you and me, navigating life’s complexities, but also more than that simply because it’s exceptionally well-done. Initially left in the dark about its storyline, aside from the fact that two women wearing similar clothes are involved, one might expect the typical tale of a wife and a mistress vying for the same man’s affection, but it’s far from that with a story crafted under the helm of Mag Hsu that ponders the intricacies of human emotions and relationships.

The series impresses with its creativity down to the musical score by Singaporean singer-songwriter Tanya Chua. I’m on episode 4 and I can’t believe how they managed to create a cliffhanger out of Mike’s character forgetting his ex’s number! It really hits hard. This show dares to explore, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see unexpected twists.

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