Kai Ko on Restarting His Career After Drug Scandal

You Are the Apple of My Eye
Kai Ko on his debut film

Ever since the huge drug scandal that left his burgeoning career in shambles, Kai Ko has found himself struggling to slowly put the pieces back together. With his reputation in tatters, his once thriving career quickly stalled because nobody wanted to work with him anymore. Anything that bore his name also didn’t escape the purge as his works like the flick A Choo were either shelved, re-shot or his presence digitally erased. Now, a hopeful Kai Ko wants to change all that and hit RESTART.

Kai Ko made his acting debut to star in the 2011 film You Are the Apple of My Eye. It was a role that really put his name on the map and even won him awards for Best New Actor. Celebrating the film’s 9th anniversary the other day, the actor took the opportunity to reflect on his journey and to also share his dreams for the future.

Nine years ago today… my first movie was released. That was the film that started me along this crazy journey …Thank you to everyone who stuck around…I really don’t know what to say…except … I will try my best to hit my dreams with my own hands.. put the pieces back together bit by bit…..

Love you guys…thank you guys…it’s been an exhausting road for you…

To  everyone…

Ke Zhendong…Happy 9th Anniversary!”

In recent years, the Taiwanese actor has been trying to actively change his image. He’s even tried his hand at uploading Youtube videos in a bid to interact more with his fans. With A Choo finally released just last month after six years on the shelf, will Kai Ko’s comeback into the industry finally be smooth sailing?

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