Film A Choo Marks the Beginning of Ariel Lin ‘s Year Long Hiatus from the Industry and Kai Ko’s Return

 Film A Choo Marks the Beginning of Ariel Lin
Everyone knows relationships aren’t easy. Make that long distance and you know you both need to put in the effort to make it work. Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin and her husband have been living separately ever since work commitments and the pandemic forced them to live an ocean apart. Now, after almost half a year in an LDR, the actress has finally decided to take a year’s hiatus from the industry and take the time off to study overseas.

“No more acting in the short term” confirms the actress in this week’s press conference for the premiere of her movie A Choo 打噴嚏 about a guy who sneezes each time he thinks of the friend he’s secretly in love with and which will FINALLY see the light of day after years of delays
When asked by reporters for the reason, the actress downplayed her answer, saying the plans they’ve set for the year have yet to be reached and that she “doesn’t need to elaborate” when media tried to probe further. Truth be told, this really isn’t anything surprising since Ariel has been gradually cutting back on her work commitments since 2019. Besides, after having just reunited with her husband after a long separation, surely they both want to catch up on their quality time together. And yep, before you guys ask, her husband is indeed finally back in Taiwan completing his quarantine.
Meanwhile, while A Choo serves as the actress’ temporary swan song from the industry, it also marks another beginning for her co-star Kai Ko after five long years spent away from the entertainment scene following his drug scandal. Previously, the actor confessed to have been suffering from bouts of insomnia and depression after his career tanked from the backlash of his scandal. Now that he’s back, I’ve no doubts he’s extremely grateful for the opportunities to work in the industry again and will do his best.
Kai Ko in tears on his return to the industry
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