Song Yi Headlines Female-Centric Drama with Charmaine Sheh in Supporting Role

Song Yi Headlines Female-Centric Drama with Charmaine Sheh in Supporting Role

Fry Me to the Moon 今天的她们 is the newest female-centric drama set to air this March 29 featuring the trio of Song Yi, Charmaine Sheh and Li Chun. The show also highlights Chengdu’s urban lifestyle and features plenty of scenes showcasing Chinese cuisine. It’s also another collaboration for Joy of Life co-stars Song Yi and Li Chun.

Song Yi’s Career Journey

The 34-year-old actress’s career path has been marked by both ups and downs. After graduating, she faced times of struggle, experiencing frequent rejection and being overlooked for roles. During this period, Song Yi’s mother continually urged her to just get married. Song Yi said she went as long as over a year without any work, but a chance came when she was invited to audition for a supporting role in the television series The Disguiser. This opportunity proved to be a turning point in her career which eventually lead to her playing the female lead in successful projects like My Heroic Husband and more recently, Destined with rumored boyfriend Bai Jingting.

Charmaine Sheh Second Billed

Now, Song Yi is back with a new drama where she has top billing. The casting of Charmaine Sheh in a supporting role alongside her may have surprised some given the 48-year-old actress’ established status as a leading lady, highlighted by her recent success in The Queen of News. Despite her own acclaim and fame, it’s not the first time Sheh has taken a supporting role as seen in her previous supporting role in The Story of Yanxi Palace to Wu Jinyan who’s a newer actress. That show went on to become a huge success! Frankly, it’s refreshing to see, and it goes to show that it doesn’t matter where your name is but the importance of the right role to showcase one’s talent.

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