Neo Hou and Lu Yuxiao to Star in Costume Drama “Love in the Clouds”

Neo Hou and Lu Yuxiao

Love in the Clouds 入青云 has just announced Neo Hou and Lu Yuxiao as leads. After a slew of supporting roles, this will also be the 24-year-old actress’s first time playing the female lead in a xianxia series.

Lu Yuxiao’s breakthrough role as an assassin in My Journey to You last year showcased her knack for portraying characters with hidden depths, adeptly concealing her cunning nature behind a veil of meekness. In Love in the Clouds, she embodies the role of a relentless female war goddess, poisoned and in dire need of an antidote. To secure the cure, she devises a trap for Ji Bozai, the one responsible for her condition. Said man is portrayed by none other than Neo Hou. Interestingly, my introduction to the 26-year-old actor-singer was in the 2017 modern drama Cambrian Period, where he portrayed an angelic assassin. Seven years on and it seems he’s recently been delving into costume dramas, I’m holding out hope for him to land a hit.

In Love in the Clouds, the two find themselves entangled in a game of deception, each skillfully masking their true intentions as they strive to outsmart the other. This story is adapted from a novel by author Bai Lu Cheng Shuang, known for works such as Romance of a Twin Flower. It is produced by Seasons Pictures, Spark Studio, and San Niu Ying Shi.

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