Panda Impressions #29: Cambrian Period

Panda Impressions
I only managed to squeeze in one new drama this week. It’s an older web drama from early last year, and I might just stick around.

Cambrian Period

First Impressions Cambrian Period
I went into this expecting Mike He to be the main protagonist. It’s been so long since I last saw him and after skimming through the synopsis, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to get reacquainted. I do like stories about the triads, and it doesn’t matter that he’s the cop. 
Then I learn that the lead is someone else. He’s Neo Hou, a rookie actor still in his teens at the time. It was easy to get over the initial disappointment of the bait and switch because he is so pretty, which in turn makes it all too easy to fall for his angel-faced persona that doubles as a deadly assassin.
First Impressions Cambrian Period
The problem is, the heroine irks me. It doesn’t help that I don’t know the actress playing her to begin with, but she’s written up to be incredibly dense. In the first episode, we learn that she’s a former actress but then she mistakes a real shootout for an action scene. Surely, someone with acting experience would no better. Then there was this scene where they had her hanging on the ledge with one hand, channeling some insane upper body strength right there. 
The story has yet to live up to the clever, crime thriller that I thought it would be. Even if it doesn’t, the second episode hints at an unexpectedly light comedy as a start to the main romance. I’d be down to watch Mr. Assassin when he’s not on a mission, so on to one more episode I go (even if admittedly for superficial reasons).
First Impressions Cambrian Period

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