Lucas Wong to Make Solo Debut This April

Lucas Wong to Make Solo Debut This April

According to several sources in the music industry, former NCT member Lucas Wong is set to debut as a solo artist in April 2024. He is currently preparing his first album. This marks Lucas’ return to the music scene after 3 years. In 2021, Lucas halted all activities due to personal controversies. A South Korean netizen claiming to be his ex-girlfriend accused him of gaslighting and financial exploitation, which was exacerbated by Chinese netizens also coming out with their allegations. Lucas Wong officially left NCT in May of 2023.

Less than a week ago, the 25-year-old released a two-part documentary, “Freeze” and “Unfreeze”, where he addressed his past. A clip from the documentary has also been going around where he said, “Honestly, I did the things I did in the past because I really was out of my mind. Wherever I went, people cheered for me, but then when I come back to my room alone, no one would contact me… I was so lonely.” He opened up about his hiatus, the impact of the controversies, how he locked himself away in a room for six months, his mental health and his personal growth during his time away from the spotlight.

SM Entertainment issued an official statement today confirming his comeback and stated that “Lucas is preparing for solo activities in April. Detailed schedules will be announced later.” It’s worth noting that the Hong Kong K-pop star’s return to the music scene has sparked discussions as it trended on the Chinese hot search. While some fans express anticipation for his comeback, others criticize and question the decision behind his return.

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