Lucas Wong Apologizes and Suspends Activities After Being Accused of Involvement with Different Women

Lucas Wong Apologizes and Suspends Activities After Being Accused of Involvement with Different Women

WayV member Lucas Wong has a prolific career in China and South Korea and a very wholesome image. On August 23, a K-netizen claiming to be his ex took to social media to accuse him of gaslighting her. She claimed he would keep coming back to her after they broke up then would cut off all contact the next day. He’d ask her to pay for all of their expenses even the hotel bill. Among the evidences she posted, fans refute her alleged voice recordings of Lucas saying it was pieced together from his past voice messages to fans.

Two Chinese Fans Also Claim to Have Dated Lucas

Meanwhile, two Chinese netizens have also taken to social media with their accusations along with chat records and photos. The claims have been similar in saying that Lucas dates his fans and mooches off of them financially through gifts and other expenses. One girl said she didn’t intend to speak up at first since things ended somewhat amicably until she saw the accusations online and realized she was being cheated on. She included alleged photos of him spending the night and the Balenciaga jacket she allegedly bought for him when he went to her house. After keeping in contact for a while, Lucas eventually ended things. The other girl, also a former fan who claims to have dated him said, “Actually he just treats his fans as his harems, cheating, dating them and squandering the love of fans at will.” She says she believed him the night they slept together when he said he hasn’t had sex in almost a year. However, she realizes that he spent the night with the K-netizen right after going back to Seoul.

Lucas’s Chinese Fansite Resigns En Masse

Thus far, his agency SM Entertainment has not made any comments on the accusations. Furthermore, Lucas is expected to release his new single Jalapeño with fellow WayV member Hendery on August 25.

Yet following the scandal, Lucas’s Chinese fansite (黄旭熙中文首站_LUCASCNFC) took to Weibo on the eve of August 24 to announce their resignation: “Hello everyone, the management team of Huang Xuxi’s first Chinese fansite has all resigned today. If you have a friend who is willing to take over, you can contact by private message. Regarding the previous birthday event, it has been closed, the money will be returned to everyone within 48 hours, please take note of it. Finally, wish you all to be well.”

Lucas Wong Chinese Fansite Resigns

Apology Letter from Lucas

On August 25, Lucas took to Weibo with a handwritten apology. He says: “This is LUCAS Huang Xuxi. Here, I sincerely apologize to the people who have been hurt because of my wrong behavior. I beg for a chance to apologize, I’m really very sorry. At the same time, I also sincerely apologize to the fans who have always supported and cared about me. I’m sorry for letting you down. In the past few days, I have deeply reflected on what I have done. I am clearly aware of my mistakes and irresponsible behavior, and I have let down the fans who have always supported me.

Once again, I sincerely apologize to everyone who was disappointed by my behavior. I promise that this will not happen again, and at the same time, I will suspend all activities and self-reflect during the coming period of time. Finally, I want to apologize to my members, company staff, partners with cooperation and all the crew members because my personal behavior has had a negative impact on everyone. I am very sorry.”

Lucas Wong apology letter

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