Joe Chen on Childbirth: Declares It’s Nobody’s Business

Joe Chen 2024

In a recent social media post, Joe Chen took a stand against rampant speculation surrounding whether she’s having kids or not. She shared snippets of sensationalized narratives from “marketing accounts” with claims about her struggles with fertility and pressure from her in-laws.

With characteristic wit and directness, the 44-year-old Taiwanese actress expressed her frustration with the relentless scrutiny into her personal life. She said, “As I reflect on my 22 years in the entertainment industry, I can’t help but marvel at the absurdity of certain marketing tactics. I might have been infuriated in the past, but now I simply wonder, does anyone truly believe this nonsense? Otherwise how do these individuals continue to thrive? Is this really a legitimate profession?

Joe Chen firmly asserted that motherhood isn’t her current priority, debunking the notion that her life would be incomplete without children. She said that life is about choices. For her, it’s essential to prioritize her own well-being and happiness. Now that she’s approaching 45, she’s learned to listen to her heart and embrace herself. Plus she said, at her age, is there still a point to rush? Besides, she already has two fur babies she adores. To conclude, she wrote,”I’m living my best life, and whether I have children or not is none of your business. Oops.”

People have long fixated on Joe Chen’s love life, particularly when she was still single. The spotlight intensified when she participated in a dating reality show, where she met her now husband, Malaysian-Chinese businessman Alan Chen. The two got married on March 31, 2022 when she was 42—a decision some might consider late by societal norms. Now, the focus has shifted to speculation about when she will have a baby, a topic she’s grown weary of addressing.

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