Joe Chen Thanks Her Fans And Addresses Haters Surrounding New Romance

joe chen
In case you missed it, top Taiwanese actress Joe Chen is officially dating her co-star Alan Chen thanks to the reality show, Meeting Mr. Right 2.

She recently spent a lot of time interacting with her Sunflowers (fans) on Weibo to thank them for all the support towards her new romance. She did not just address the supportive fans, but also talked to some of the haters towards her dating life. Some of her fans expressed their strong dislike towards her new beau after digging up his past through social media. Joe Chen was quick to defend him too, after he defended himself from all the haters.
joe chen
She also said, “After reading, thought it was a little cute, I don’t have anything to hide about my dating life which I’ve shared with everyone, every person has their own thoughts and likes, I am not forcing anyone to support my romance, some people can accept it, some people cannot accept it, I think it’s all fine, respect one another, this is the correct way…”
I could only imagine the difficulties that a top actress like Joe Chen must be experiencing after her dating news came out. Yes, she’s happy and mature enough to deal with the negative reactions from people, but it’s quite sad that people can never be satisfied with how she lives her life. When she was still single, some netizens were already criticizing her for being single at her age of 40 while some saw her as a pitiful case. Now that she has found someone, people still saw her as a subject of criticism together with her boyfriend.
joe chen
With Joe having been in the industry for almost two decades and fans still supporting her, it won’t be a surprise that she can handle this issue smoothly just like how she dealt with a lot of them before.
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