This “Hello Saturday” Host Used to be an Idol Hopeful

Hello Saturday cast

Hunan TV variety show “Hello Saturday,” made its debut on January 1, 2022, replacing the beloved “Happy Camp,” which ended abruptly after its 24-year run. With He Jiong remaining as the main host, the show initially started with new additions such as Ada Choi, cross talk actor Victor Qin Xiaoxian, and Dylan Wang, embarking on a journey to find its groove in the hearts of viewers. This has become a show where the cast of many popular dramas usually come to promote and we get to see another side of them outside of their onscreen personas.

Hello Saturday Cast Evolution

As for the mainstays, one of the notable transitions in the show’s evolution is Zoelly Wu Zelin, who started as one of the trainee hosts. As of this March 2024, it looks like he’s gotten a new title as he is now under contract with Hunan TV as their official host. Alongside veteran host He Jiong, Wu Zelin has been making his mark on “Hello Saturday,” bringing energy and charisma to the screen.

“Hello Saturday” boasts a diverse cast, including regular appearances from the likes of TNT’s Ding Chengxin, Victor Qin, comedians Li Xueqin, and Yang Di though many of them come and go such as popular actors Tan Jianci and Dylan Wang.

Before gracing the screens of “Hello Saturday,” Wu Zelin was actually a contestant on “Idol Producer 2,” also known as “Qing Chun You Ni” or “Youth with You” in English. The 25-year-old was a trainee from Jiashang Media back in 2019. Despite ranking F in evaluations, he certainly had an infectious energy. Little did they know that his path would lead him to a different career trajectory.

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