“Happy Camp” Time Slot Replaced by New Variety Show “Hello Saturday”, Spelling the End of An Era

"Happy Camp" Time Slot  Replaced by New Variety Show "Hello Saturday", Spelling the End of An Era

It’s a sad sad day for Happy Camp 快乐大本营 fans. After twenty four years on air, it appears one of the longest running variety shows on TV must now make way for the newest kid in town. This change in Hunan TV’s lineup was announced this week, with the show Hello Saturday 你好星期六 landing Happy Camp’s highly coveted Saturday time slot.

A few months ago, rumours that Happy Camp has been suspended indefinitely have been cycling through social media especially after it suddenly stopped airing since its last episode on October 2. At the time, Hunan TV personnel claimed that the halt in production was mainly because an “upgraded” version of the popular show is in the works. However, it seems Happy Camp may have been cancelled as viewers will be greeted with a brand new show instead.

They say that change is inevitable, and for the legions of viewers who grew up watching the show since its inception in July of 1997, this spells the end of an era. What’s sad though is that many didn’t expect it to be so abrupt seeing that there hasn’t even been a farewell final episode allowing everyone to bid a proper adieu.

Hello Saturday already hits the air on January 1 (Saturday) and will welcome back only He Jiong from the Happy fam who will be returning as host. He will reportedly be joined by Ada Choi, Victor Qin Xiaoxian, Dylan Wang and Bridge (布瑞吉). It’s unclear what will happen to Happy Camp’s resident hosts Wu Xin, Li Weijia, Xie Na and Du Haitao who even saw a recent addition in TEENS In TIMES member Ding Chengxin just this year.

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