Chinese Broadcast Authorities Call For Reforms on “Excessive Entertainment”

Happy Camp
China’s State Administration for Radio and Television  says no more excessive Entertainment
Hunan TV is the broadcaster for the popular variety show Happy Camp

In another step aimed to curb what it deems “excessive” entertainment, China’s National Radio and Television Administration, formerly known as the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television, put on notice four of the country’s biggest broadcasters with the task to push forward major reforms. Since the end of August, China has imposed a set of new stipulations as part of its efforts to clean-up the entire entertainment industry. From toxic fan circles to artists and their agencies themselves, the Qinglang campaign has now set its sights on addressing the issue of “excessive entertainment.”


In a dialogue held yesterday October 29 with representatives from Shanghai TV (Dragon TV), Jiangsu TV, Zhejiang TV and Hunan TV, the Chinese broadcasting authority commended broadcasters for their contributions in promoting mainstream values and spreading positive energy. However, they also emphasised that the networks are also promoting problems such as excessive entertainment and star-chasing.

To address this, all four must follow the government’s mandate and challenged them to pioneer the transformation of radio and television which gives importance to “creating social benefits, promoting the values of socialism and focusing on relevant topics and workers in the new age”.


Meanwhile, reception to the reforms amongst Netizens was understandably lukewarm. “Aren’t shows meant to be entertaining?” lamented one Netizen. Others have echoed similar sentiments saying they just want to be free to let go and be entertained after a hard day’s work at the office. It worth noting here that these broadcasters are the folks that brought you the likes of Happy Camp 快乐大本营 (Hunan TV), Dating With the Parents 新相亲大会 (Jiangsu TV), Keep Running 奔跑吧 (Zhejiang TV) and Go Fighting! 极限挑战 (Dragon TV) amongst others.

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