Meng Ziyi and Qin Xiaoxian from “Hello Saturday” in Dating Rumors Over Paparazzi Sightings

Photo(s): Meng Ziyi and Victor Qin / Weibo

In the world of entertainment, whispers of romance often swirl around celebrities, and the latest buzz surrounds Meng Ziyi and Victor Qin Xiaoxian due to famed Chinese paparazzo Liu Dachui hinting at a possible relationship between the two.

The Paparazzo claims to have spotted Qin Xiaoxian going to and from Meng Ziyi’s house in November and December, igniting speculation that they’re living together. However, they only snapped footage from the parking lot where Meng Ziyi’s car is presumably parked.

Nonetheless, some were surprised as many were shipping Qin Xiaoxian with Hani Kezi due to their cute interactions when she guested on the variety show Hello Saturday where he is a regular. However, some have also pointed out interactions between Meng Ziyi and Qin Xiaoxian on the same show.

Meng Ziyi is a 28-year-old actress who’s part of 2019’s The Untamed. Qin Xiaoxian is a 26-year-old crosstalk actor who’s currently a regular on Hello Saturday, the show that replaced the now defunct Happy Camp. It’s no longer the first time the two were caught in dating rumors. Some send their well wishes should the rumors turn out to be true. Others believe there’s no truth to it since paparazzi footage didn’t have a single shot of them in the same frame together.

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