Barbie Hsu Asserts She Didn’t Use Her Ex’s Card to Buy Luxury Items for Her Husband

Barbie Hsu and her ex Wang Xiaofei in happier times
Barbie Hsu and her ex Wang Xiaofei in happier times

The battle of the exes between Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiaofei continues with the actress firing off another round of accusations against her ex claiming it was him who cheated on her and that she “revenge-charged” his cards in anger. Earlier, the businessman appeared in court and angrily accused her of sending NT$ 12 million (~US$ 376k) worth of luxury goods to South Korea through her drivers and employees prior to divorcing him.  

Wang Xiaofei previously accused Barbie of cheating on him whilst they were still married. After the divorce, she revenge-charged her ex’s card in anger. In a lengthy post, the 47-year-old star accused him of being the one to cheat on her. “After the divorce I did charge your card several times just to vent my anger, but you yourself authorised it with your signature. The point is though that I didn’t charge your card to buy anything for my husband (DJ Koo).”

“I was Angry Because ..”

Barbie defended herself and attributed her anger at the time to three things. First, she claims Zhang Lan (her ex mother-in-law) spread rumours that Blackie Chen beat up her son up due to differing political ideas when the truth is, Blackie was just protecting her and her sister Dee. “The truth of the matter is, you drank too much and pushed my younger sister.” Barbie who was pregnant at the time tried to stop Wang Xiaofei but he pushed her to the ground too, she alleged. He then threw a hardbound Harry Potter book at his ex-wife. “Blackie only made a move to stop you from hurting me. He didn’t beat you.”

Barbie also said seeing the huge amount photos of him with different women that people kept sending her whilst they were still married “deeply shocked” her. “I now understand why you were also in a hurry to fly back and forth…

Lastly, she alleged her former mother-in-law Zhang Lan persuaded her not to divorce. “I told her the fact that you had already cheated on me, and she assured me that it was absolutely not the case.” Only, the next day, photos linking Zhang Lan and Zhang Yingying were splashed all over the news. Even when faced with this, she says Zhang Lan continued to deny their connection whilst continuing to speak ill of Barbie.

As for her charging her purchases to his card out of anger, Barbie called it ridiculous. Because he still owed her a huge amount of money, it was like spending her own hard-earned cash. Nonetheless, the actress says this is the last time she’s saying anything about him slandering her and that’s she’ll just let her lawyers and the law handle it for her.

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