Lin Yi Battles ALS in “Angels Fall Sometimes” with Li Landi

Lin Yi and Li Landi in Angels Fall Sometimes

Happy Monday everyone! Back with a Lin Yi update as his drama Angels Fall Sometimes 谢谢你温暖我 with actress Li Landi is headed for primetime this March 9 on CCTV-8 and WeTV. Although the trailer looks pretty lighthearted enough, don’t be fooled by what seemingly looks like a fun and carefree campus slash new adult drama since the story actually tackles a much more serious plotline when the hero is diagnosed with ALS. There’s also the angst of being a young adult thrown in since they’re also still trying to find their footing in the adult world.

With his drama Everyone Loves Me with Zhou Ye currently on air, Lin Yi has been steadily gaining popularity since he starred in the 2019 campus hit series Put Your Head on My Shoulders. Likewise, with her sweet features and solid acting, Li Landi continues to bring different projects from the workplace drama All the Way to the Sun to the xianxia series The Starry Love. Angels Fall Sometimes marks the first time pairing of Lin Yi and Li Landi. Safe to say though that they look pretty sweet together what with all the hugging or kissing they do in the clip. But visuals aside, it’ll be interesting to see how they tackle the challenges their characters go through as they transition from carefree undergrads to young adults having to hustle, and how they deal with the emotional toll and obstacles posed by Lin Tuo’s illness together.

Angels Fall Sometimes Synopsis

Lin Yi stars as Lin Tuo, a graduating student whose future is bright with endless possibilities. With his girlfriend An Zhique (Li Landi) by his side, the pair throw their energy into adulting as they try out different hustles and careers. Things take a turn for Lin Tuo after he is diagnosed with ALS. Through it all, his girlfriend never leaves him. With the support of An Zhique, his friends and his family, Lin Tuo bravely lives his life to the fullest despite his illness. In doing so, he also inspired others to reevaluate their lives and to live in the moment.

Angels Fall Sometimes also star Sun Tianyu, Li Xinran with special guest appearances by industry veterans like Liu Jun.

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