“Sword and Fairy” Finale Has One Couple or Two

Sword and Fairy couple

Chinese Paladin live-action adaptations often follow a recurring pattern of concluding with sad endings. Truly, one couldn’t help but feel anxious for the characters in Sword and Fairy 祈今朝, also known as Chinese Paladin 6. Now that the show’s ended, let’s explore whether their fates brought closure to their respective storylines.

While Sword and Fairy garnered significant anticipation prior to its release, the show drew mixed reactions. Ultimately, it may not have been perfect, but the show has its fair share of fans. Also noteworthy was the reception to Esther Yu Shuxin’s portrayal of Yue Qi, particularly her distinctive “baby voice.” Opinions on her unique vocal style varied greatly among viewers. Some found it less appealing, while others explained that she did a good job because it’s just like the RPG game the story’s based on, where the character’s essence and voice, which is playful and childlike, were effectively conveyed. Additionally, Xu Kai took on the challenge of portraying two characters – the youthful and energetic Yue Jinzhao and the restrained yet compassionate Bian Luohan – whose characters leave an impression.

Xu Kai as Bian Luo Heng

[Spoiler Warning: Proceed with caution if you haven’t finished watching.]

A New Beginning?

The central couple’s fate was among the most anticipated aspects of the finale, especially considering the dramatic turn of events where the male lead, Yue Jinzhao, “perished” from battling the main antagonist. While xianxia” deaths can serve as a prelude to the hero’s eventual return, Yue Jinzhao’s resurrection came at a steep cost. In exchange for his revival, Yue Qi’s memories and her very existence were erased, along with the life of Ying Xuwei (Han Dong), as both struck a deal for Yue Jinzhao’s resurrection. It’s a poignant and bittersweet moment when the main couple coincidentally encounter each other on the streets, oblivious to their shared past due to their amnesia. Yet, amidst this melancholy, there is a glimmer of hope as they gaze into each other’s eyes, perhaps symbolizing the possibility of a new beginning. After all, the name “Yue Jinzhao 越今朝” itself signifies a fresh start from this very moment onward.

The Shifu That Cannot Be

Bian Luohan’s unwavering devotion to Yue Qi was evident throughout the series. He was the one who went with the plan to leave Yue Qi and Yue Jinzhao at a village without their memories. As Yue Qi’s shifu (teacher), Bian Luohan set aside his feelings and ultimately chose to put her above everythng. He makes the ultimate sacrifice when he gives up his entire existence and everyone’s memories of him to ensure that Yue Jinzhao can take his place in assisting Yue Qi to fulfill her mission in the fight against her own mother Zhu Yu (Liu Min).

Fu Xinbo and Wan Peng

The “One” Couple That Ended Up Together

In the finale, wolf monster Xian Qing’s (Fu Xinbo) unwavering loyalty to Zhao Yan (Wan Peng) has him exhausting his thousand-year cultivation to save everyone. Despite facing insurmountable odds, this is the one couple that end up together because he lives, just as he promised and continued to stay by Zhao Yan’s side. However, it won’t be true to the franchise without deaths. Luo Zhaoyan and Luo Maiming’s (Xue Bayi) bond was tragic from the start. He does the unthinkable, taking countless lives to free Luo Zhaoyan from the curse placed upon them and ultimately dies in her arms to save her. Ming Xiu (Bai Bingke) destroyed her own eyes to uncover Zhu Yu’s weakness. Although blind, Ming Xiu found solace in her memories of her shifu Gu Hanjiang (Wang Zirui), accepting his choice and finding peace in her heart. Then there’s Ju Shifang (Zhou Lijie), who fell in love with Shuo Xuan (Jia Nai) at first sight. He was the “coward” who died a hero since they were on opposite sides of war.

In Chinese Paladin style, the story about youths on an adventure comes to a close with some finding happiness and resolution, as others face heartbreak and sacrifice.

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