Gina Jin Chen in Dating Rumors with Singer Hu Xia

In the realm of celebrity gossip, sometimes the most unexpected pairings emerge, leaving fans and media alike intrigued. The recent sighting of actress Gina Jin Chen and singer Hu Xia together at a movie theater is one such instance.

Hints of a potential connection between the two have surfaced, what with Gina Jin attending one of Hu Xia’s concerts. Additionally, Hu Xia was recently papped with a rumored girlfriend. Although her face was not caught on camera, there were speculations that it was Gina Jin since the actress’s airport attire that day looked the same as the mystery woman.

Hu Xia may not be familiar to many but drama fans would have heard his heartfelt vocals in countless OSTs. The 33-year-old singer has always maintained a low-key personal life having stayed single in the public eye though often expressing his desire to find love openly. He even revealed on a show that he has a crush on someone in showbiz, but that she didn’t know.

Jin Chen who’s fresh off the success of the film No More Bets last year starts the new year with her comeback drama Always On the Move with Bai Jingting. Hu Xia being among a number of celebrity friends who helped promote the show with a simple shoutout put the spotlight back on their dating rumors. It’s no wonder the two being papped watching the movie Pegasus 2 has drawn attention once more. If true, this would mark a new relationship for the actress whose ex-boyfriend is Deng Lun. Gina Jin and Hu Xia are the same age, both born in 1990.

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