Zheng Shuang Apologizes for Cueing Deng Lun and Jin Chen on Shine! Super Brothers, Says She’s Leaving the Show

Zheng Shuang Apologizes for Cueing Deng Lun and Jin Chen on Super Shine Brothers, Says She's Leaving the Show

Zheng Shuang has always been known for her blunt personality. However, it seems that a casual comment she made about Jin Chen and Deng Lun has drawn criticism from netizens. On the variety show Super! Shine Brothers (追光吧哥哥) where 21 male celebrities of different ages and backgrounds take the stage to perform, the cast was taking a break from recording when they started to talk about one of the contestants Casper who has joined season 3 of the Chinese dating show Meeting Mr. Right.

Zheng Shuang Apologizes for Cueing Deng Lun and Jin Chen on Super Shine Brothers, Says She's Leaving the Show

When Zheng Shuang asked how it went, Du Chun interjected, “He (Casper) won’t succeed. He definitely got rejected.” Du Chun says that he knows the female guest too well and Casper isn’t her type. Yang Mi asked, “Who is she?” He responded, “Jin Chen.” Zheng Shuang then asked, “Who’s Jin Chen’s ideal type? Is it Deng Lun?” Casper says, “Men don’t know the hearts of women, let’s not come to a conclusion too early.” Yang Mi asks, “(Is her type) Young and handsome?” Casper says, “Bro, do you know Jin Chen personally?” Du Chun says, “Yes.” Yang Mi jokes, “In the entertainment industry, there is no girl that Du Chun doesn’t know.”

Zheng Shuang Apologizes for Cueing Deng Lun and Jin Chen on Super Shine Brothers, Says She's Leaving the Show

As the footage was aired, it got netizens complaining that Zheng Shuang should have chosen her words wisely instead of bringing up Deng Lun and Jin Chen who used to be a couple. Other spoke up for Zheng Shuang and said that the conversation which is not part of the main show shouldn’t have been broadcasted. Some also accuse the show of taking advance of Zheng Shuang’s popularity as comments she made have trended repeatedly on the hot search.

That night on December 26, Zheng Shuang took to Weibo three times. First, she wrote an apology at 11:07pm, “I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. I will no longer participate in the program recording and other matters.” At 1:59am, she wrote thoughtful words about each of the 21 celebrity contestants and ended with the caption, “Chatted more with some, missed out on some, I am not a qualified observer, and I regret that I can’t accompany gege men (brothers) till the end. I promise I won’t sit in front of the TV to watch the silly brothers (it would be odd if i didn’t), I know you’re the most handsome, I never doubted that. Wish that gege men will realize their dreams on stage. Let’s work together if there’s a chance.” At 2:44am she wrote, “Except for the styling part, we did not sign any other contract for the show. Please don’t use things like professional ethics, upholding the spirit of the contract, etc. on me. I was invited to join the show a week before it started, I think I am just a last minute replacement for someone else’s absence. I understand that I am not the first choice. I know my value, I can only help the show with two words. I really worked hard, if you are willing to understand me, you will know that I am not a gossip and I’m not so curious.”

On her sudden decision to leave the show, many of the gege like Wu Jiacheng, Julius Liu Wei, Jason Fu Longfei, Alan Yu Menglong and more responded with warm messages to express their support for her.

shine! super brothers apology

Update: On Dec. 28, Shine! Super Brothers issued an apology to Zheng Shuang and the viewers saying that due to an error by the staff, some of the materials shot were broadcasted in the form of a short video which brought immense pressure and distress to Zheng Shuang and also took away the focus on the brothers’ journey. Shine! Super Brothers has taken down the related video at first instance and dealt with the related personnel. They have also reached out to Zheng Shuang to actively resolve the problem and once again express their deepest apologies.

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