Zhang Yixing’s “No More Bets,” Which Has Earned Strong Previews, Moves Up Release Date

Zhang Yixing's "No More Bets" Moves Up Release Date

Crime film No More Bets 孤注一掷 has moved up its release date from August 11 to August 8. Based on real fraud cases, the film stars Lay Zhang Yixing and Gina Jin Chen as a programmer and a model who go overseas thinking they’ll have high-paying jobs only to be scammed into working for a fraud syndicate.

The advance screening for No More Bets which was held in select theaters in China reached over 100 million RMB on its first day alone. As of August 7, it has set the record for highest previews (including pre-sales) of 560 million yuan. The previews for No More Bets have even beat out Meg 2: The Trench on its opening weekend in China. However, it appears some are complaining about the many number of theaters showing No More Bets when it hasn’t even been released yet. It looks like there won’t be a wait though since No More Bets has moved up its release date to tomorrow.

The film directed by Shen Ao has Ning Hao onboard as executive producer. It also stars Yong Mei as a cop, Eric Wang Chuanjun and Sunny Sun as the leaders of the syndicate as well as Darren Wang and Zhou Ye who play a gambler and his girlfriend. No More Bets will join the race for box office this summer that has now-showing films like Creation of the Gods, and One and Only (starring Wang Yibo). It will be interesting to see how No More Bets performs against these other films, but early signs are very, very promising.

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