“One and Only” Has Huang Bo and Wang Yibo Showing Off Their Dance Moves

One and Only
Huang Bo and Wang Yibo show off their dance moves in their upcoming flick One and Only
Huang Bo and Wang Yibo show off their dance moves in their upcoming flick One and Only

Huang Bo and Wang Yibo’s dance-themed movie One and Only 热烈 recently-released a teaser. There’s something about it that’s totally giving me Step Up vibes. That said, casting Huang Bo and Yibo couldn’t have been any more perfect given their backgrounds in dance.

Before becoming an actor, the 47-year-old Huang Bo used to be a dance instructor amongst the many hustles he had. Meanwhile, Yibo who first debuted as a member of the boyband UNIQ has been named team captain on the show Street Dance of China multiple times. He is in fact returning as team captain once again in season 5. If you’ll remember, Huang Bo even appeared in the show’s third and fourth seasons.

One and Only Synopsis

Huang Bo plays Ding Lei, a hip-hop veteran who manages to recruit a young busker named Chen Shuo portrayed by Wang Yibo, into joining his dance troupe. Despite the different personalities in the mix, Chen Shuo meshes well with his peers and the laughs are endless.  But he also makes sure to work hard and overcome the many challenges thrown his way to turn his dream into a reality.

Interestingly, One and Only is also classified as a comedy, so I really wish production could’ve played up more the story’s comedic side in the short trailer. We all know Huang Bo and Wang Yibo can do more serious roles. It would’ve been a fun change to see some funny or witty banter. Granted, it’s only a 15 second clip so we can’t really ask for much. But hopefully, when the full trailer comes out, we get some more of the funny side of the film.

And also, did you catch Wang Yibo doing a headspin? Behind-the-scenes clips of the actor spinning on his head and then falling to his side and then getting up again to reshoot the scene all over again is a testament to his dedication and passion for his craft. Not to mention super impressive too – I’d probably be green and dizzy after just one take! To do that headspin multiple times sans a double is super impressive.

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