Wang Yibo and Han Geng Return as Captains for “Street Dance of China Season 4”

Wang Yibo and Han Geng for Street Dance CHina 4

Former captains Wang Yibo and Han Geng return to their dance roots as Street Dance of China officially announces their come back to the dance stage.

Youku made the confirmation on June 9, a day after causing a bit of a stir online with some emojis and the statement “it’s here! it’s here! it’s here! Street boys c’mon over quickly! Guess #streetdanceofchina# what big thing is coming? by first announcing Wang Yibo as one of the captains returning to the lineup. “Dancing with the world filled with passion, showing the world the power of Chinese street dance” writes an enthusiastic captain Yibo.

The following day, on June 10, Han Geng is the next dance captain welcomed back into the fold by the program. “Hello everyone, I am <Street Dance of China 4> returning captain Han Geng, attitude is a motivating force, I am back!” he says.

The two “reveals” solidify previous rumours that the team at Youku is inviting back its dance captains from previous seasons with Wang Yibo hailing from season 3 and Han Geng, from the show’s original first season.


Previously, it has been rumoured that Lay Zhang Yixing and William Chan would be invited back to complete the four captains in the lineup. However, word got around that Lay and William couldn’t get along and disagreed over a few things, causing a delay in the filming schedule for season 4. All this of course is conjecture.

However to stave off any more damaging rumours, Street Dance of China issued an official statement last month denying them. Aside from requesting the posts to be pulled down, they said these are being circulated with the sole intent to smear the reputations of the show and the artists concerned.

With new captains unveiled each day, do you have any guesses who’s coming next?

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