Fei Xiang, 62, Looking Fit and Fantastic for “Creation of the Gods”

"Creation of the Gods" Star Fei Xiang Looking Fit and Fantastic at 62
Photo(s): Fei Xiang / Weibo

80s heartthrob Fei Xiang aka Kris Phillips may be 62, but one look at him behind-the-scenes for his latest flick shows that the mega popular 80s pop icon took real good care of himself over the years. Eagle-eyed Netizens pointed out how fit he looks in the fantasy film epic Creation of the Gods I 封神第一部. Although the scene of him beating the drum only got a couple of seconds of screen time, the pop star turned actor who was in his late 50s at the time of filming, certainly captured everyone’s attention with his well-defined physique. No wonder there’s a running joke online that everyone’s mum will now be watching this.

Fei Xiang has been cast to play the last Shang emperor Yin Shou whose downfall was foreseen by the goddess Nuwa after he offended her deeply. Beguiled by the fox demon Daji, he soon neglects state affairs and ruled his kingdom with cruelty.  

“Feng Shen” Trilogy, A Fantasy Epic Based on Chinese Mythology

Creation of the Gods

Creation of the Gods is the first film out of the big budget Fengshen trilogy which is based on one of the best-written books on Chinese mythology from the Ming dynasty. The novel itself has already seen countless adaptations including 2019’s Investiture of the Gods and the 2001 TVB classic Gods of Honours. Filming for this adaptation began in 2018, and it took director Wuershan more than a year to complete. Apparently, Wuershan together with the film’s production team took great care in auditioning and casting the film’s entire ensemble made up of both seasoned veterans and industry newbies.

Meanwhile, check out some of the promos from the film. As you can see, production spared no expense from the character’s sumptuous and beautifully detailed costumes to the film’s special effects. Part one of the trilogy hits theatres on the 20th of July and stars Fei Xiang, Li Xuejian as the Zhou dynasty’s founder Xi Bo Houjichang, Huang Bo as the immortal Zhang Jiya who comes down Kunlun mountain with the coveted Fengshan Bang in search of the saviour of the people , Yu Shi as Ji Fa, Chen Muchi as Yin Jiao and Ci Sha as Yang Jian, the nephew of Zhang Jiya.

creation of the gods behind the scenes

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