Fan Bingbing’s Global Resurgence: Working with “Ice Road 2” Co-Star Liam Neeson During the New Year

Fan Bingbing
Fan Bingbing and Liam Neeson
Fan Bingbing and Liam Neeson

Chinese superstar Fan Bingbing just received the loveliest of greetings for the new year from her Ice Road 2 co-star Liam Neeson! “Feeling blessed to have the opportunity to work alongside such a genuinely kind soul like Liam. Thank you for the beautiful flower and Chinese New Year wishes!” she gushed on X. Along with the tweet, she also shared a photo of the handwritten card from her co-star, where he wished her and her family a fulfilling year and said it was a pleasure and an honor to work with her.

The pair are currently working on the sequel to the 2021 thriller that saw Liam portraying trucker Mike McCann whose brother Gurty was killed after trying to rescue trapped miners in Winnipeg. In the sequel, Mike travels to Nepal to scatter Gurty’s ashes on Mt Everest. Aided by his trusty guide Dhani (Fan Bingbing) who’s in possession of some unique fighting skills, they work together to thwart attempts of Nepalese militants to kill them. Principal photography began last month in Australia.

flowers from liam neeson

Building a Career on the International Stage

Whilst active on social media, Fan Bingbing has rarely appeared in Chinese mainstream media following her tax evasion scandal a couple of years ago. In fact, her projects in China still remain on the backburner. That’s perhaps one of the reasons why the 42-year-old actress has opted instead to go ‘international’. Aside from a handful of projects that include the American action spy thriller The 355 and The King’s Daughter, she also made a cameo in the South Korean thriller Insider, not to mention her different fashion week appearances. Now fans also have the upcoming Ice Road 2: Road to the Sky to look forward to.

Which begs the question, could going international be the answer for most of the stars cancelled in their motherland?  Fan Bingbing did it, and even Zhang Zhehan who was practically wiped out of C-ent managed a comeback albeit on the international stage making music and having fan meetings and concerts all over Asia.

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