Fan Bingbing tax evasion case reaches a verdict, actress issues apology letter

Fan Bingbing tax evasion case reaches a verdict, actress issues apology letter
Fan Bingbing apology letter tax evasion
Considering the extent of public speculations fearing for Fan Bingbing’s personal welfare ever since she went missing, it seems the outcome is not nearly as bad now that the actress walks away from her tax evasion case with heavy fines. 

CCTV and various news outlets have just reported the conclusion to the government’s investigations that began after Fan Bingbing was accused of tax evasion back in June 2018. According to the State Administration of Taxation and Jiangsu Local Taxation Bureau, Fan Bingbing made 30 million yuan filming the movie Unbreakable Spirit / Air Strike. She reported 10 million in income, but hid the remaining 20 million through separate contracts. Apart from that, Fan Bingbing and her companies were found to have paid 248 million less in taxes. 

For the offences committed by her and her companies, the government has slapped the actress with fines amounting to hundreds of millions to be paid in addition to the taxes that she owes within a stipulated timeline. Due to the offence being Fan Bingbing’s first offence, she will not be pursued for criminal liability but instead will receive administrative penalties. If the payments are not made within the deadline, the case will be turned over to the police. 

Separately, Fan Bingbing’s manager Mou Mouguang was found guilty of interfering with investigations after instructing staff to destroy important accounting documents. Mou Mouguang is under police investigation. 

Fan Bingbing apology letter tax evasion

For the first time in months, Fan Bingbing finally logs on to weibo and takes the opportunity to issue an apology letter dated October 3, 2018. She expresses her shame, guilt and her deepest apologies for the mistakes that she made. 

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