Penny Lin, Known for Her Roles in Taiwanese Idol Dramas, Confirms New Romance

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Penny Lin Wei Jun, renowned for her roles as a second female lead in early 2000 Taiwanese idol dramas like 100% Senorita and At the Dolphin Bay has a newfound love interest in 41-year-old Michelin-starred chef, Paul Lee, whom she says stands at 186cm tall!

According to Taiwan media, the duo first crossed paths through mutual friends, where they exchanged contact information but had no immediate follow-up. Several months later, a casual dinner invitation from friends led Penny Lin to discover that the restaurant they were dining in belonged to none other than Paul himself. Their story unfolds with a delightful twist – Paul Lee was unaware of Penny’s celebrity status since he grew up in the United States. In fact, he knew her as a yoga instructor until he stumbled upon one of her endorsements. It was only then that he messaged her with a surprised, “So, you’re a big star!”

Recently, Penny was promoting her new drama when she confirmed her relationship status. She revealed that she had been single for the past four years. Cupid’s arrow, however, struck unexpectedly when she met her non-showbiz beau. Throughout her career, the 45-year-old Taiwanese actress was linked to a number of her co-stars like Ambrose Hsu, Blue Lan and Lin Youwei, to name a few. Nowadays, the Taiwanese beauty is indeed a yoga instructor as she juggles her passion fo yoga along with her work as an actress-host.

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