The Gravity of A Rainbow (2019)

The Gravity of A Rainbow
If Remembering Li Chuan had you reaching for your box of tissues and going to bed with puffy swollen eyes a few years ago, you’d likely wanna give Godfrey Gao and Xuan Lu’s newest drama The Gravity of a Rainbow 彩虹的重力 a try. In it, the dashing Godfrey will be reuniting with his Remembering Li Chuan screenwriter Shi Dingrou to bring you a brand new show, which like RLC is based on Shi Dingrou’s novel of the same name.  The drama is primarily classified as a romance, but the series will also tackle the themes of female friendships in modern Chinese society. 

The Gravity of A Rainbow
Alas Godfrey won’t be breaking any hearts in this story (thankfully) despite playing the romantic partner who sweeps our heroine off her feet. In the 40 episode series, the titular role of Rainbow rests on the shoulders of actress Xuan Lu who falls head over heels for Godfrey’s character Ji Huang, a romantic young professor who shares similar tastes and values as her. 
The only wrench to her plans is her mother’s insistence that fuerdai Su Donglin is her ideal son-in-law. Meanwhile, Rainbow’s friendships will also be tested when friend Han Qing, through Rainbow’s help manages to get into the company her husband Xia Feng used to work for. Unfortunately, she’s becomes another rival to Rainbow’s other friend Lili which puts a strain on the girls’ friendships. When all is not quiet in the romance and friendship front, will Rainbow manage to surmount all these challenges to find her own happiness? 
Actresses Yue Yien and Zhang Bojia will play Rainbow’s gal pals Han Qing and Lili respectively whilst Sean Zhang Liang plays Su Donglin. Vivian Dawson (aka Jin Rong), Lin Youwei and Denny Huang will also be playing roles in the drama.
Let the warm toned visuals from the drama’s trailer get you feeling that autumn is finally here! In fact, this would be a great drama to curl up in the sofa with to welcome in the chillier nights of fall preferably with a mug of your favourite tea or hot cocoa.
the gravity or a rainbow godfrey gao
the gravity or a rainbow xuan lu
the gravity or a rainbow zhang liang
vivian dawson
The Gravity of A Rainbow
The Gravity of A Rainbow
The Gravity of A Rainbow
The Gravity of A Rainbow


Release Date: October 16, 2019 on Tencent (two episodes every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday at 8pm), VIPs can watch next week’s episodes in advance.
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