Blue Lan Gets Candid About His Recent Divorce, Says He Regrets It Now

Blue Lan
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Like a scene from a movie, Taiwanese actor Blue Lan Cheng-lung and his wife Jade were papped wearing matching “his and hers” outfits whilst out biking. Unfortunately, that’s where the Hallmark part of the story ends because the couple was actually on their way to get their divorce papers signed. That happened back in June, and now several months later, it looks like the Call Me By Fire Season 3 contestant might finally be ready to talk about it. Joining Paul Lee recently on his show Da-Win Dining, the 44-year-old actor frankly admitted that the divorce made him feel regretful, very hurt and sad, and that despite the lessons learned, it still “f*cking hurt”. He also freely admits deciding to split up from his wife was also not fair to her.

“It Really Hurts”

Blue Lan
Photo: MOMOTV Taiwan / Facebook

Blue candidly spoke about his regrets getting divorced and says he’s probably not mature enough to realise that a relationship is made up of two independent people who choose to be together. “I feel like I’m not mature enough to recognise this fact, so I have been avoidiung it. By the time I realised I shouldn’t do it, I’ve already chosen to divorce”. For now, the actor says he’s still trying to get used to the separation. “It’s still painful for me. Until now, I still feel so sad. My heart is still full of regrets and is reluctant to let go.”

When prodded whether he feels he learned his lesson when it comes to love, Blue said “it hurts” so he knows he definitely learned his lesson. For now, there’s currently a big empty space inside of him and that all he feels is pain: “it hurts. It really hurts”.

Blue Lan Cheng-lung and his wife Jade Chou tied the knot back in 2014. The two exes currently share two kids – a son and a daughter who’s 6 and 8-years old respectively.

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