Vivian Hsu Confirms Divorce to Husband Sean Lee

Vivian Hsu
Vivian Hsu
Photo: vivianhsu0319 / Facebook

In a not so happy start of the week, Taiwanese actress Vivian Hsu just confirmed her divorce from Singaporean husband Sean Lee. The couple met whilst Vivian was filming the movie Sex Agogo 72小時莎到你 in 2013. Unfortunately for the former couple, it seems their relationship could not weather their differences. Prior to this, Vivian shared a cryptic post earlier in the month how “she’s not happy now, how about you?” despite the festive theme of her photo.  I guess we now know the reason why.

In a joint statement, the two exes who were married for over nine years before calling it quits, said despite their best efforts, they simply couldn’t overcome their differences. And so after talking it out, they made the difficult decision to separate. As for their 8-year-old son Dalton Lee, they said that they will continue to co-parent whilst ensuring Dalton won’t be lacking in love and protection in any way.

Vivian Hsu
Photo: Vivian Hsu / Instagram

Interestingly, remember how the actress was embroiled in the whole Wang Leehom divorce brouhaha back in 2021? Vivian vehemently denied the speculation that she was one of the women named by Leehom’s ex.  However a reading from a tarot card reader on a Taiwanese variety show at the time predicted she might get divorced within the next three years despite a resurgence in her career.

Vivian Hsu married her shipping tycoon husband a year after they first began dating in 2013. However, with Vivian’s career in Taiwan and Sean’s business based in Singapore, the two exes have been living separately thanks to work and Covid.

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