Daniel Wu and Lee Jung-Jae Face-Off in the PUBG short film “Ground of Honor: Rondo”

Daniel Wu and Lee Jung-Jae
Daniel Wu and Lee Jung-Jae face-off in Ground of Honor: Rondo
Photo: Krafton Games/ Weibo

Here’s a crossover I never thought I’d see: a collab between Daniel Wu and Lee Jung-Jae that has them both flexing their action muscles in the PUBG short film Ground of Honor: Rondo.  The short action-packed flick is 8 minutes long and is the first time both actors are working together. As an added layer to the whole experience, who else did PUBG get to bring the video game to life but action director Sam Hargraves. If you’re familiar with the Chris Helmsworth led action thriller Extraction, Sam made his directorial debut on the franchise so putting him at the helm of GoH seems to be on point.

From the get go, the film opens to a shootout between Alpha’s team (Daniel Wu) and Beta’s henchmen (Lee Jung –Jae) until their numbers dwindle down to just Alpha facing off against Beta. Admittedly, the short film is pretty intense and heavy on the violence. But if Squid Game is the only film you’ve seen amongst his body of work, it’s also super interesting to see Lee Jung-Jae playing the role of such a zealous and hot-blooded character.

In recent years, Daniel Wu has become a familiar face in Hollywood, having appeared in a slew of projects such as 2018’s Tomb Raider with Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft and the action adventure TV series Into the Bandlands. More recently, he appeared as the legendary Monkey King Sun Wukong in Disney’s American Born Chinese. Meanwhile, whilst he’s already a household name in Korea, Lee Jung-Jae drew a lot of international attention when he starred in the global hit series Squid Game.  He became the first Korean actor to win an Emmy Award for Best Actor in a Drama series back in 2021 whilst also garnering a whole slew of nominations for his work on the show.

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