“American Born Chinese” Star Daniel Wu Shows His 3-Hour Transformation as the Monkey King

Daniel Wu
Photos: thatdanielwu / Instagram

What does it take to transform into the legendary Monkey King? There’s nothing much to it really except oh you know, it’s just three hours in the makeup chair each time!  That, plus a lifetime’s worth of wushu training is all. Hong Kong-American actor Daniel Wu steps into the shoes of the iconic Monkey King, one of the main characters in the classic Chinese gods and demons novel “Journey to the West” in Disney+’s upcoming series American Born Chinese. To look the part, Daniel shares the meticulous three hours long process of turning into Sun Wukong himself on social media.

Thanking the series’ special effects makeup team “who got him through the process everyday while he napped away” Daniel popped a sped up clip of himself getting the “special treatment” on the makeup chair. And really, it’s amazing to see how the SPX folks completely changed Daniel’s clean shaven good looks into the Monkey King as each layer of prosthetics, makeup and hair went on.

American Born Chinese kicks off its first episode today, May 24th on the Disney+ streaming channel.

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