Chen Muchi Scandal Hit with Another Round of Recordings from Wu Chuyi

Wu Chuyi Chen Muchi
Wu Chuyi and Chen Muchi
Left: Wu Chuyi and Right: Chen Muchi
Photos: 吴楚一W / Weibo and 陈牧驰chen / Weibo

Clearly, Wu Chuyi is not yet done dropping new bombshells and accusations against Creation of the Gods star Chen Muchi. In his most recent “expose” on November 15, the former actor shared yet another recording of an alleged conversation between them. Wu Chuyi says he wasn’t the one causing all the hype just to be popular. In the lengthy post he wrote to go with it, he stressed that he didn’t care for this method of becoming popular at all. “I want nothing to do with being a top traffic star. I just want to live the kind of life that I want!

Wu Chuyi

He asked, “Who kept on buying black hot searches and pouring dirty water on me without mercy? Let me play this recording again then. Let’s see who’s really using me for hype?

Well, in the sound clip he attached, a voice presumed to be Chen Muchi can be heard telling Wu Chuyi that he thinks their popularity and constant trending online is a great place to be at and that he hopes Wu Chuyi’s popularity too continues to rise. “After we tie up everything in a neat little bow, we can have our cake and eat it too. Although the price we paid was a heavy one, at least we got what we wanted out it.

Trending for the Wrong Reasons

Just the day before on the 14th during his livestream, Wu Chuyi played a recording of another conversation he had with Chen Muchi. Amongst the “revelations” in the clip, the voice allegedly belonging to Chen Muchi can be heard admitting to having received money from Wu Chuyi. Not only that, he asked Wu Chuyi to lie to help clear his name, to say that he wasn’t a lao nan (捞男) which is basically a gold digger targeting rich women. He even begged Wu Chuyi to delete everything that he’d written because they were “bros” and because he couldn’t take it anymore.

Why what’s wrong with holding your hand? (In the alleged recording, Wu Chuyi is heard telling him to stop trying to hold his hand) Your bro wants to hold your hand. It’s normal for brother to hug and kiss each other. I just want to hold you like family in my heart.”

Later, when Chen Muchi was papped at the airport, the actor looked sad and aggrieved with tears in his eyes. Whilst some of his fans tried to comfort him, some Netizens said it appeared he was just putting on a show. “How fake, what celebrity would want to cry in the airport to show his fans.. ” The 26-year-old actor trended nonetheless over the endless controversies surrounding him.

Chen Muchi
Chen Muchi was papped at the airport looking sad
Photo: Sina Entertainment/ Weibo

How it Began

The messy drama between them began back in October. After Chen Muchi’s marriage and divorce were leaked online, the actor was caught in new rumours that he and former actor Wu Chuyi were a gay couple. Well, Wu Chuyi denied those rumours and said they were roommates and good friends. Things were well and good when Chen Muchi also confirmed they were nothing but friends. However, Wu Chuyi continued to be accused of being the one who started the rumours in the first place. The kid gloves came off after that.

What followed in the weeks after (and up until now) were Wu Chuyi’s non-stop accusations against Chen Muchi. He claimed Chen Muchi was the one that pursued him, that he was a terrible partner, that Wu Chuyi was the one financially supporting him by working multiple jobs to pay rent and that Muchi had zero contributions at all. He also claimed their photos were leaked by a female friend they both knew.

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