Luke Chen Muchi Confirms He Was Once Married After Netizens Leak Private Details

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Chen Muchi dazzled audiences playing Zhou Wang’s son Yin Jiao in the first installment of the fantasy epic film Creation of the Gods I: Kingdom of Storms 封神第一部:朝歌封云. Recently however, the 26-year-old is once again in the news after details of his personal life were leaked online.

A screenshot containing the actor’s real name Chen Hailiang 陈海亮 and marriage details allegedly taken from the marriage registry system started circulating recently. Imagine everyone’s surprise that he was married in 2020, which would have been after he shot Creation of the Gods and divorced in 2021 when he was filming the BL-adapted drama Guardians of the Lands. This comes after he was in recent marriage rumors with Chen Bing, a singer-actress who is 7 years his senior, as they were spotted buying a ring. The two were also papped together in November 2022.

Chen Bing Kiki
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Whilst news that he was briefly married to another woman is definitely unexpected, most Netizens questioned ask why this is even newsworthy. “So what if someone gets married and divorced?” was the reaction many had. “… are you still obligated to announce the entire process of getting married and divorcing to everyone?” commented another. What was more concerning for everyone though is how the actor’s private personal details were obtained. “Is this information something that can be randomly searched and obtained?” questioned a Netizen. Moreover, the incident also questioned the legality of violating Chen Muchi’s privacy when his details were leaked online especially since their personal details although blurred out are still somewhat visible.

An Amicable Parting

Chen Muchi released a statement to address the situation and also to apologise to his ex. “There was indeed a marriage which ended amicably between us, and we didn’t have kids” he confirmed. But because his ex is a private citizen and not involved in showbiz, he also asked everyone to respect her privacy.

Chen Muchi Statement

I also want to take the opportunity to say I’m sorry to her here”, he said. For rumourmongers though, the actor issued a firm warning: if anyone continues to spread rumours and violate his privacy, to use this matter to attack and to insult her, he said he won’t hesitate to push forward with pressing charges.

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