Miles Wei Zheming Low Key Confirms He was Married and That He’s Now Divorced

Wei Zheming
Wei Zheming

Miles Wei Zheming is a contestant for the celebrity survival show Call me by Fire 3. Whilst chatting over a meal with some of the other contestants, the 33-year-old actor admitted for the first time that he’s divorced. “Already divorced” he said.

His matter of fact admission came after singer Zhang Yuan curiously asked him if he’s married since he’s such a “good looking and sweet guy”.  The actor had just sat down to eat after bringing everyone a plate of food. Whereas actor David Wang Yaoqing told him to quit asking anymore, Zhang Yuan who’s best known for his wedding song Guest (嘉宾) cheekily said “next time you’re getting married, call me!”

Already Divorced
“Already divorced”

I’m Already Single and Child Free

Rumours that the actor married young isn’t anything new. From playing a small supporting role in Find Yourself to the male lead in the 2020 rom-com Perfect and Casual a couple of years ago, interest on Wei Zheming’s dating life skyrocketed, much so that a video allegedly from their wedding was circulating online. This prompted the actor to make a statement on social media, “I’m already single and have no children…” Though it didn’t really address whether he’s married or not, many observed how he said “already single” instead of just single.

Wei Zheming reportedly married his college sweetheart Wang Xiaolan back in 2015 after six years of dating. No one knows for sure when the marriage started to turn sour, and it looks like they’ve quietly divorced.

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