Stephen Chow Asks Song Kang-ho to Join the Cast of “Shaolin Women’s Soccer”

Stephen Chow and Song Kang-ho pose with a signed poster of The Foul King

Song Kang-ho was recently in town to attend the the 20th Hong Kong Asian Film Fest. As busy as his schedule was, the 56-year-old Korean actor managed to squeeze in some time to hang out with famed Hong Kong film-maker and comedy star Stephen Chow. And it looks like the 61-year-old Sing Ye had a lot of fun goofing off with his guest. In one photo, he cheekily handed the Parasite star a red card. Stephen also shared a photo of the two of them holding up a signed poster from The Foul King.

Their meeting is twenty three years in the making. It can be remembered that Stephen Chow voiced Song Kang-ho’s character in the Hong Kong version of the 2000 Korean film The Foul King, which details the secret life of a bullied bank employee who moonlights as a pro wrestler. But would you believe the pair never actually got together IRL?

Meanwhile, Sing Ye took the chance to ask the South Korean star to appear in Shaolin Women’s Soccer 少林女足. Stephen Chow whose Shaolin Soccer was a box office success in 2001 has been teasing his upcoming film on social media. It’s not clear yet how the new movie about women’s soccer will be connected to the original.

And it looks like he’s still working on casting. He wrote, “I hear Mrs. Song is a big fan of Shaolin Soccer so I grabbed the opportunity to ask him to play a referee in Shaolin Women’s Soccer.” However, Song Kang-ho’s response was quite unexpected though, cheekily asking why he can’t play a soccer player instead. Could this be the reason for his red card? *lol* Sing Ye said he was very enlightened. “With his acting skills, it would be easy for him to play the role of a female soccer player!” he said. Guess we should all be on the lookout for that if it ever happens.

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