Predicting that Parasite Would Win Best Picture, Li Xian Gets 90% of His Oscar Picks Right

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Today is Oscars day and that means red carpet fashion and winners!  Admittedly, while some folks watch mainly just for the fashions,  things were made all the more exciting this year for Asian cinema in general since South Korean thriller Parasite landed several coveted nominations from the Academy. What’s even more exciting is that the satirical flick managed to pull off a huge coup by bringing home four awards which included the evening’s biggest prizes – Best Picture and Best Director for Bong Joon Ho.

So, did any of your predictions win? Actor Li Xian who’s an avid movie fan and some sort of a seer (in terms of award predictions at least) got in some great stats this year, hitting 9 out of his 10 bets correctly! The actor didn’t just pull his predictions out of the hat though as these were borne out of his great love for movies and his experience as a professional actor. Li Xian would often share good movies and book recommendations with fans in the past. Moreover, it seems the star kinda got into the habit of guessing the big winners over the years. In a past interview, the actor shared that he writes down his guesses every year and shares it with everyone. “Sharing with good friends is a bit like betting on who the winner will be” he says.
Translated his 2020 picks below –
Best Picture: Parasite (“Although I do think 1917 has a bigger chance to win the Oscar, but it’s good to have hope right?”) 
Best Director: Sam Mendes  X
Best Cinematography: Roger Deakins  
Best Actor: Joaquin Phoenix  
Best Actress: Renée Zellweger  
Best Supporting Actor: Brad Pitt  
Best Supporting Actress: Laura Dern  
Best International Feature Film: Parasite 
Best Animated Feature: Toy Story 4  
Best Documentary Feature: American Factory  
Not too bad eh? He only got the award for Best Director wrong. If I were a betting person, my money’s on him. As cute as they are, Paul the Octopus and his animal psychic mates might be a tad unpredictable for me *lol* Kidding aside, a huge congratulations to this year’s winners and to Parasite particularly for pushing the envelope with their historic win(s) in this year’s Academy Awards.
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