Stephen Chow Shares a Throwback Photo with Cecilia Cheung on Social Media

Stephen Chow Shares an Old Photo with Cecilia Cheung

Stephen Chow has amassed over 300,000 followers since joining Instagram in October 2022. And to the delight of fans, the 60-year-old veteran filmmaker-actor who’s quite private and had no social media presence in the past is actually more active online.

Recently, Stephen posted a throwback photo of himself with Cecilia Cheung standing in front of two urinals. He challenged his followers to come up with a story for the photo using the hashtag #createwithstephen. He also asked, “are you surprised? are you surprised? @cecilia_pakchi_cheung”. Cecilia Cheung responded, “There’s no match” before commenting again, “Dope”.


Cecilia Cheung was Stephen Chow’s leading lady in 1999’s The King of Comedy. She worked with him again in 2001’s Shaolin Soccer and lent her voice for 2019’s New King of Comedy. Many were excited to see this unexpected interaction between the two and wondered if it could mean that a new project may be in sight.

Oddly enough, Stephen Chow’s foray into social media may be short-lived. He was among the many celebs who left greetings for Charlene Choi on her 40th birthday birthday today. She had responded, @stephenchow thank you idol”. Yet it seems his IG page can no longer be found as of the writing of this post. Update: Stephen Chow’s Instagram account is working again!

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