Lin Yi and Shen Yue Team Up For The First Time In Modern Romance Drama “Smile Code”

Lin Yi and Shen Yue Team Up For The First Time In Modern Romance Drama "Smile Code"

Smile Code 失笑, which recently held its booting ceremony has announced Lin Yi and Shen Yue as the lead actors. This marks the first pairing of the two stars who rose to fame through their roles in school/youth dramas.

Shen Yue is all set to breathe life into the role of a destitute yet lively stand-up comedienne, Gu Yi. She meets Lin Yi’s Liang Dawen, a man who is her complete opposite. He appears to be “robotic” as he suffers from alexithymia, a condition that makes it difficult for him to recognize or express his own emotions.

Lin Yi and Shen Yue

The 24-year-old actor is no stranger to the stoic persona as he is best known for his role as the genius Gu Weiyi in Put Your Head On My Shoulder. Meanwhile, Shen Yue, who is 2 years his senior, is known for her portrayal of vibrant characters in dramas like A Love So Beautiful and Meteor Garden. It looks like they have the adorable height difference too since Lin Yi’s 188cm is basically over six feet versus Shen Yue whose height is 160 cm.

The drama has definitely drummed up interest from their fans who can’t wait to see them because despite being patrons of campus/youth dramas, the two has never led a series together. Technically, they were both in the 2022 anthology series Our Times, though they never really shared the screen since they were featured in different stories.

Smile Code also features Ye Xiaowei who played Deng Wei’s older brother in Lost You Forever, actress Tian Ai and Zou Tingwei who’s listed as a special star.

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