“Alliance” Offers A New Twist on Cheating-Themed Dramas with a Wife and Mistress Team Up

"Alliance" Offers A New Twist on Cheating-Themed Dramas with a Wife and Mistress Team Up

In the world of drama where cheating narratives often pit the wife against the mistress in dramatic confrontations, Alliance 好事成双 offers a refreshing and empowering twist. This series has rapidly climbed to number one with television ratings reaching 1.8894% on CCTV-8. It has also become the fastest modern drama to hit 28,000 popularity points on video platform Tencent.

Alliance marks Zhang Xiaofei‘s big drama comeback as Lin Shuang, the female lead of a female-centric drama based on the novel Shuang Xi 双喜 by Lang Lang 朗朗. This comes after the 37-year-old actress saw her fame soaring to new heights after 2021’s hit movie Hi, Mom, and it looks like she has her hands on another hit. Huang Xiaoming plays her leading man Gu Wu who’s a former classmate of Lin Shuang. She’ll meet him at a time in her life when she’s trying to start over again after a broken marriage and now has another chance to pursue a career. Will she also have a second chance in love?

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Meanwhile, Li Zefeng, known for his previous role in Nothing But Thirty as the scumbag husband Xu Huanshan, finds himself caught in a web of infidelity yet again. Interestingly, he once declared he no longerr wants to play roles involving cheating, divorce, or imprisonment again, but he’s so good at it and definitely ups the ante here.

Zhang Xiofei’s Lin Shuan represents the many women who despite being overachievers in academics, opt to sacrifice their career aspirations for the sake of their families. Her married life goes awry after she finds out that her husband Wei Ming is cheating on her. Instead of getting into a messy catfight with the mistress, played by Zhang Jiani, they team up to get back at the unfaithful man.

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