Jia Ling Makes History to Become Female Director with the Highest Grossing Sales at the Chinese Box Office

Jia Ling
Jia Ling
Jia Ling in Hi Mom

Comedian and actress turned director Jia Ling unlocks quite an achievement this week after becoming the newest female director with the highest grossing sales in Chinese film history. Her movie, Hi Mom 你好,李焕英, managed to pull in a whopping 2.1 billion RMB in box office sales, surpassing the record previously held by Taiwanese director Rene Liu Ruoying for her 2018 directorial debut film Us and Them 后来的我们 which grossed over 1.36 billion RMB.

This is truly such an amazing feat to achieve for the first time director! To make Jia Ling’s directorial film debut even more memorable, Hi Mom also became the 23rd film ever in Chinese film history to exceed 2 billion RMB in the box office… and that’s only on Day 5! Imagine the possibilities and the heights the movie can reach given more days in the box office. If in fact the film does hit 3 billion, Jia Ling rather cheekily said in an interview that she’ll lose weight if that happens! And if it reaches 4 billion … she’ll gain it all back jokes her friend Zhang Meng.

Hi Mom hits the 2.1 billion mark in box office sales today, January 16.

Congratulations for a job very well done to Jia Ling and to the entire cast and crew of Hi Mom!

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