‘Nothing But Thirty’ Gets a Sequel, Drops a Small Teaser for Gu Jia’s Story Arc

Nothing but Thirty
Nothing But Thirty
Actress Tong Yao played Gu Jia in Nothing But Thirty

Nothing But Thirty fans, ever wondered what happens next to Wang Manni, Gu Jia and Zhong Xiaoqin? Wonder no more as series producer Linmon Pictures just confirmed season 2 is a go! The sequel picks up a few years later when the ladies are a little bit older and a little wiser … in their mid-thirties. In the small teaser shared by Linmon earlier today, we learn about what will happen to Gu Jia which hints at another big change coming her way.

In the first season, Gu Jia’s once perfect life ended with her losing everything. With no husband and not a penny to her name, life appears to have another curveball in store for our resilient and hard working heroine. In season 2, Gu Jia unexpectedly finds herself in an unfamiliar city (Shenzhen) where she works on rebuilding her life one brick at a time. Jiang Lili too is also living through the darkest moments of his life. But thanks to the support of his new housekeeper Gu Jia, the blunt and arrogant man slowly finds the strength to stand on his own feet once again.

As for the cast, whether actress Tong Yao returns to play Gu Jia remains up in the air. Nothing But Thirty 2’s production team has only confirmed the story arc for Gu Jia’s character thus far. Details about the cast and new characters are still pretty much vague at this point, at least until the drama drops a fresh new set of teasers for the sequel.

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