Allen Ren Jialun and Cheng Yi Fan Wars Erupt Over Rumours

Ren Jialun and Cheng YI
Ren JIalun and CHeng Yi
Photos: Ren Jialun Studio and Cheng Yi Studio / Weibo

It’s crazy how a blind item and assumptions have now snowballed into a war of fandoms, forcing Allen Ren Jialun and Cheng Yi to both issue separate statements denying the rumours and warning Netizens from further spreading them or else be held accountable. The actors’ studios also encouraged Netizens to be civil to each other and to foster a “clean” environment online. This comes after their fandoms have been going at it online accusing one another of smearing each other.

“Costume Historicals, Married, with the Surname ‘R’”

It all began when “China’s number 1 paparazzo” Zhuo Wei  revealed to friends whilst having dinner that a “big melon” slash expose concerning a top costume historical actor will happen sometime at the end of September or early October. Later, an insider who was also present during that dinner claimed the infamous paparazzo hinted that the top male star was surnamed “R”, that he was married and that the expose involved cheating whilst married. Netizens assumed he was referring to Ren Jialun.

However as the date loomed closer to the big reveal, Zhuo Wei said that the blind item about the star surnamed “R” was incorrect and that the expose involved a male star with a two character name. He claimed because he was drunk at the time, people might’ve misheard the word “two characters” (二字)” which is read as èr zì for “surname R”. The paparazzo also said that the male star has had a lot of negative press about him.

Fandom versus Fandom

When speculation turned its sights on Cheng Yi whose name is two characters, Cheng Yi fans feel the 33-year-old actor’s been made into a target to divert from the actual issue. Thus began the volley of claims and counter attacks between the fandoms of both actors who are actually part of the same agency, H&R Century Pictures 欢瑞世纪.

Ren Jialun studio issued a statement on comments about him on Weibo such as “hiring prostitutes”, “cheating”, “divorce” and “having a second child” as being purely malicious rumors directed at the 34-year-old actor who has a son with his wife Nie Huan. There’s been an alleged voice recording of Cheng Yi circulating online fuelling rumours of Cheng Yi being a “kept man” for a rich woman. His studio has similarly issued a statement to call out said rumors.

Honestly, all this trouble could’ve been avoided if everyone just waited for the paparazzo to finally deliver on his promised bombshell.

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