Dating News: Allen Ren Jia Lun introduces girlfriend

The Glory of Tang Dynasty Ren Jia Lun


It turns out that there is already a real life Guang Ping Wang Fei in the heart of the show’s titular hero Allen Ren Jia Lun who recently shot to fame because of The Glory of Tang Dynasty. Kudos to him for going public so soon, effectively telling his new fans that he is taken.  
He is clearly head over heels for his lady love as he writes a weibo addressed to girlfriend Nie Huan, “That day we met the sun was just right, we held hands for five years, every spring day of the future, every winter night, I am willing to accompany you. 

So I went to Nie Huan’s baidu page (ie Chinese version of wikipedia) and she is listed as.. his girlfriend. She’s a mysterious one this one. Either way, congrats to the happy couple, five years is a milestone. 

On to juicier stuff, paparazzi photos of Sandra Ma (Oh My General) and Oho Ou (Legend of the Cat Demon) were trending recently. He was said to have flown in to Hengdian to visit the actress. The whole thing is described in stalker-like detail from the moment they entered the hotel, had dinner with staff, spent the night in one room up till Sandra Ma left the next day. 
The two have been surrounded by dating rumors even back when they filmed the movie Left Ear, which was Alec Su’s directorial debut. Sandra Ma also won the Golden Horse Award for best supporting actress for the role so there you have it, yet another reel-to-real and noona dongsaeng couple in our midsts. Sandra Ma is four years older than Oho Ou who is 24 years old. Below is a clip from the movie and they certainly sizzle. 
Oho Ou Sandra Ma Left Ear


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