Elvis Tsui’s Son Figo Tsui Makes Showbiz Debut in “Creation of the Gods”

Elvis Tsui’s Son Figo Tsui Makes Showbiz Debut in "Creation of the Gods"
Photos: Figo Tsui Fei / Weibo

The apple sure doesn’t fall far from the tree. Now 23, Hong Kong actor Elvis Tsui Kam-kong’s (徐錦江) eldest son Figo (徐菲) is set to make his showbiz debut in the fantasy epic film “Creation of the Gods”. For an industry noob, landing a role in the big budget Feng Shen Trilogy is not too shabby. As you may know, director Wuershan and the production team took great pains to ensure the casting is just right.

A Training Camp for the Up-and-Coming Actors

Newbie actors apparently even had to go through a “training camp” to whip them into shape. Plus, this being an Wuershan film, it’s really THE perfect project to gain some insight and learn from seasoned veterans and from the director himself. The selection process was tough going from 15,000 people to less than 20 young actors. They entered the Fengshen Training Camp in January 2018, which lasted over half a year. Training reportedly took place 6 days a week, 12 hours a day. At 5:30am, they would run at the beach and engage in physical fitness activities. They also had classes in acting, fighting, equestrianism, ancient music, traditional culture, film analysis, and body sculpting. It’s no wonder everyone achieved that six-pack by the end of it to embody the role of an ancient warrior. Among the young actors are Yu Shi (26), Chen Muchi (26), Ci Sha (26) and Eddy Geng Yeting (25).

Creation of the Gods boys
Figo plays one of the centurions in this scene

Elvis Tsui on His Son

Although Figo doesn’t have tons of scenes as one of the many centurions in the film, his dad Elvis said it was a great experience for him. The proud dad who’s now 61 added that when Figo first landed the role, he was a bit worried about his son’s ability to do the job having zero experience acting. Figo was not even 18 years old yet when he joined the production in 2017. Elvis said, “Looking back, he joined the team as an ignorant Figo. The Figo we know now is self-discplined and contemplative. I believe the experience he had joining Feng Shen brought about tremendous changes in him.

Feng Shen

It looks like Figo Tsui Fei is well on his way to follow in his father’s footsteps. But as to being cast into the role of the iconic villain as Elvis portrayed in Royal Tramp and Chinese Paladin, we’ll have to wait and see if he too will be going down that route in the future.

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