Elvis Tsui Greets Everyone a Merry Christmas as the Chinese Santa Claus

elvis tsui
Last year, the Chinese internet went agog over a man in a white beard and a red hat but no, it wasn’t Santa Claus, well not exactly. It was veteran actor Elvis Tsui dressed up as Ao Boi from Stephen Chow’s 1992 classic Royal Tramp. This year, he’s basking in the festive mood once more to greet everyone for the holidays. 

Elvis Tsui also posted a video message that he said while costume-clad in all seriousness: “Bosses, don’t allow staff to work overtime during Christmas. I want everyone to be happy on this day. Happy holidays!” Ain’t that, right? But what I find funny is that the actor shared a post hours later saying that he’s working overtime. Lol! 
elvis tsui 1992 royal tramp
Elvis Tsui became an internet sensation because of his meme-worthy appearance that saw netizens photoshopping his photos into Chinese Aquaman and Thor, not to mention his uncanny resemblance to Father Christmas gaining him the nickname of Chinese Santa Claus. I might be guilty of sending his memes to a dozens of friends back then as my official holiday greetingThe actor seems well aware of what’s happening in the online world since he also used Ao Boi’s photo for his Christmas greetings last year. 
Anyway, I wish you guys have a nice and joyful holiday season and like Elvis Tsui said, I hope you’re not working overtime! 
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