Chen Zheyuan Attempts a Very Different Role in “Dark Night and Dawn”

Chen Zheyuan Attempts a Very Different Role in "Dark Night and Dawn"

Chen Zheyuan has seen a rise in popularity this summer with the much talked about Hidden Love. And it looks like the 26-year-old actor has wasted no time. He’s already begun filming for his newest drama Dark Night and Dawn 暗夜与黎明 that’s set in the Republican era.

In 1943, an explosion in Shanghai leads to the first showdown of skills between Lu Zhengyang, played by Nie Yuan, a member of the Communist underground, and policeman Lin Shaobai, played by Chen Zheyuan. With the liberation of Shanghai six years later, Lu Zhengyang who becomes part of the public security bureau recruits Lin Shaobai after rigorous screening. The two team up and successively crack major cases in an effort to defeat enemy agents hiding in the dark. The two go from being constantly at odds to comrades-in-arms who trust each other with their life.

Dark Night and Dawn Xing Fei and Annabel Yao

Xing Fei who rose to fame in the youthful rom-com Put Your Head On My Shoulder plays the female lead who’s possible the love interest. Not much is known about her role, but I do hope her character gets a badass storyline in an otherwise male-dominated spy suspense thriller. Annabel Yao, the Huawei heiress who broke into showbiz, rounds up the main cast. It also stars Sun Yan, Wang Xiuzhu, Feng Bing, Li Mengnan, Tian Hao, Wen Zhengrong, Liu Tianzuo, Ren Zhengbin. Veteran actors Wang Zhiwen, Ni Dahong and Wang Jinsong make special appearances.

Chen Zheyuan reportedly freed up his schedule for a few months just to prepare for his role. He even said on livestream, “Because it’s so different from other roles in the past. When we started filming, I really felt, (I) don’t know how to act anymore.” Dark Night and Dawn marks Chen Zheyuan’s first foray into the spy suspense genre.

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